History - Eberspächer Tageslichttechnik GmbH

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In 1865, Jakob Eberspächer laid the foundation stone of the company in Esslingen am Neckar. It specialised in the manufacture of metal-edged glass. The invention of the OMEGA reinforcing was a breakthrough and saw the company grow over the following decades to become a Europe-wide builder of glass structures. The OMEGA reinforcing in hot-rolled steel continued to be used until the 1990s and was a key invention in glass construction. The post and rail systems used today are based on this design principle. The inventive spirit remains a model for us today.

During the chaos of war, the company had to contend with expropriations and losses. After the war, the production of consumer goods was the focus of daily life. Production turned to metal boxes and prostheses, for example. The company was able to benefit from the economic upturn of the 1960s and again pursue its core skill of glass construction. The foundation of numerous agencies abroad soon followed. The company expanded its skills to include plasticised skylight elements and again had its finger on the pulse of the times. Strategically located manufacturing plants were quickly erected in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, making it possible to produce and supply to both EC and EFTA countries.

The company divested itself of the skylight elements business area at the start of the new century. Eberspächer GmbH was renamed Eberspächer Tageslichttechnik GmbH and was taken over by Austrian ETAG Holding. The partners of the new owner invested massively in the Austrian production site. The concentration of all locations in one production site in Au am Leithaberge became a success factor and led to the creation of a production plant for a wide range of products, extensive know-how and modern machinery. The healthy spirit of invention was maintained and the company enjoyed a major leap forward in the area of skylights with the new WEMALUX-M5 series of products. The WEMALUX-M5 set new standards in terms of thermal separation, surface temperatures and variability. Our expert consultants can tailor the product to suit any requirement. In addition to the Austrian market, the company has subsidiaries in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Switzerland. In collaboration with its partners, it completes projects all around the world, from South Africa to Dubai.

We are convinced we can continue our success in the future. New products are constantly being developed thanks to our close eye on the market. The company is carrying out pioneering work in the areas of comfort and the indoor climate, and is working intensively to ensure that skylights from Eberspächer Tageslichttechnik provide the right indoor climate and comfort. The advantages of a skylight go hand in hand with the highest demands and are intended to ensure that people living in spaces fitted with skylights experience a feeling of well-being and comfort thanks to the innovation of our products.