For lots of light indoors. Glass is a natural material with maximum daylight transparency
and is characterised by a large number of outstanding physical properties. The double to
triple glass pane designs have an excellent thermal performance of up to 0.6 W/m 2 K in
winter and reduces the energy input by up to 70 % in summer. Sound insulation values of
up to 38 dB offers excellent noise protection. Glass itself is resistant to spreading fire
without any further treatment and is also hail and break-proof in many different formats.

Aluminium frame
For a striking roof design. The structural load-bearing aluminium frame can be coated in all
RAL colours and is the ideal technical solution for integrating the glass panes. These are
mounted free of stress and thermally separated. The aluminium frame also prevents fire from
spreading to the roof and offers edge protection for transport, assembly and integration into
the roof cladding.

Upstand: M type + S type
Flexibility for optimum use. The special interior contour of the M type upstand has an
incident light and air exchange surface that is 10 % larger than conventional products.
The S type offers maximum luminous efficiency and impresses with its interesting design.
Both upstand types are available not only flat but also inclined, which tilts the glass panels
by 7°. This produces the desired self-cleaning effect.

Three-lip seal
Sealed in summer and winter. The three-lip seal offers maximum sealing in all weather
conditions, while simultaneously minimising the formation of condensate.
3 sealing lips = 6 x heat transfer resistance = 2 insulating chambers
This results in a lower heat loss across a large temperature gradient in a small space and an
optimum isothermal curve.