Skylights - Eberspächer Tageslichttechnik

We love skylights. Since 1972 we never stopped improving our service and steadily redesigned our products to achieve our aim - to satisfy you!

We wanted to create one product which always meets your demands. The idea was to invent a modular construction system which can be equipped with many different kits, like a car! So we got inspired by the most successful car manufacturers in the world.

After years of development and many case studies we eventually succeeded.

We call it WEMALUX M5

The field of application is as divers as buildings are: storages, production plants, sport facilities, offices, residentials,...

The frame is always the same:


  • always curb mounted

  • outer frame: extruded aluminum frame

  • inner frame: extruded chambered PVC frame

  • high perfomance weather seals

  • NO weep holes ever

These structural improvements reduce condensation and increase thermal performance.


We offer all common glazings. Acrylic and polycarbonate sheets as panel and thermoformed as dome, insulated and laminated glass. The glazing influences our mood and efficiency.

For your imagination: Our product can handle 5 layers of solid sheets thermoformed as domes, 32cm of mutli-wall sheets, which is 11/4 " and even a triple pane glass, argon filled.
So call one of our Sales Reps in an early state of your project to be sure of the right glazing.


Add additional value to your skylight --even after installation without additional costs-- choose one or more kits to increase your benefit:


  • roof hatch (ladder included)

  • natural ventilation, electric driven

  • natural ventilation, pneumatic driven

  • natural ventilation, manual

  • insect filter

  • MULTIFILM® roller blinds


  • fall-through protection

It´s more than curb mounted. For best performance we recommend our in house curbs. In addition to WEMALUX M5 we developed a curb that solves all problems you may had by using a curb.

Our prefabricated curb - YOUR benefits:


  • inner layer out of galvanized steel, coated in white or any color you wish

  • rigid insulation (from 3cm to 8cm, 1" to 3")

  • extruded PVC frame on top for a thermal break

  • pre farbicated

  • installation above roof deck

  • heigths from 10cm to 100cm (4" to 40")

  • NO wood layer ever

  • works as full vapour barrier

  • Fits perfectly to your skylight and your roof

time matters. Our state-of-the-art manufactoring facility with it´s CNC equipment allows us to triple the capacity to be quicker and reach thight deadlines.

size matter. Our dome fabrication line enables us to custom fabricate up to 6m² which is 64 sq ft.

shape matters. unlimited designs for you. WEMALUX M5 can be fabricated in many different shapes. Such as pyramidal, circular, rectangle and square